The Motorway: Life in the Fast Lane

February 2015

4. No Such Thing as an Accident

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Every year in Britain there are an estimated 250,000 road traffic collisions. It is a widely held theory amongst those working on the motorway that there is no such thing as an accident - usually something or someone is to blame. This episode takes a look at the work of the Highways Agency, motorway police and other agencies who are making Britain's motorways safer and also explores the environmental, economic and emotional costs of accidents that occur on Britain's motorways.

2. Keeping the Show on the Road

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2. Keeping the Show on the Road of the TV-show The Motorway: Life in the Fast Lane was broadcast by BBC2 on Sunday 8 February 2015 at 19:00.

1. Weight of Traffic

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Documentary following the army of workers overseeing and making repairs to the M6, the UK's major arterial motorway, and local residents Jim and Alan who live just 20 metres from where the roadworks are taking place. Built more than 40 years ago, the M6 carries up to 8,000 vehicles every hour and the surface needs constant maintenance. With the need to keep the heavy traffic flowing at all times competing with the constant need to make repairs, it is a battle to stop it all grinding to a halt.
September 2014

3. The Need for Speed

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Documentary series following the army of workers who keep the traffic flowing on one of the busiest stretches of road in Britain - where the country's longest motorway, the M6, meets four other major routes.
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