The Queens That Changed The World

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The Queens That Changed The World

...the World: Documentary. Britain's warrior Queen Boudica revolted against the Roman invasion. Her army slaughtered 80,000 Romans before her defeat at the Battle of Watling Street. (Ep6/6)

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...the World: Documentary. Eleanor of Aquitaine became queen of France in the 12th century when she was a teenager, then married the English heir and became queen of England too. (Ep5/6)
...the World: Documentary. Hatshepsut was one of Egypt's most successful rulers. She chose to be represented as a king rather than a queen, and brought wealth and artistry to Egypt. (Ep4/6)
...the World: Documentary series. Victoria was crowned shortly after her 18th birthday and presided over a period of huge industrial, social and territorial expansion. (Ep3/6)
...the World: Documentary. Queen Anne was the last Stuart monarch and Great Britain's first queen. She brought Scotland and England together as Britain became a major world player. (Ep2/6)
...the World: Series about Britain's iconic queens and the power they wielded. Elizabeth I pacified a divided nation, sowed the seeds of Empire and foiled multiple plots against her. (Ep1)