The Question Jury

April 2018

Episode 20

4.5 46 x
The pressure is on as it's the jurors last chance to win money, but the group start doubting their decisions and their prize fund is in jeopardy as correct answers are over-ruled.

Episode 19

3.0 13 x
The penultimate episode of the quiz show. Tempers rise and allegiances crumble in the battle to win the money.

Episode 18

3.0 12 x
Things get personal in this episode when the new juror makes it clear he won't be bossed around by opinionated Rob

Episode 17

3.0 11 x
An alliance is formed to topple a fellow juror. Plots and schemes are afoot as the jurors begin to take sides.

Episode 16

3.0 19 x
A new group of jurors and strong personalities quickly emerge, testosterone fills the room and horns lock as they compete to be the Final Foreman

Episode 15

3.0 8 x
New juror Natalie adds extra spice to the discussions that doesn't go down well with all other jurors. As they face their last chance to win any money the group becomes more divided.

Episode 14

3.0 18 x
A new juror from Essex stirs things up and makes his mark gossiping and making jokes at the expense of some of the others

Episode 13

3.0 6 x
Jane is the new juror. Zoologist Matt adds a convincing voice to the debates but is not always right.

Episode 12

3.0 13 x
There's a clash of wills between two of the jurors and the tension ramps up to breaking point

Episode 11

3.0 6 x
The new group waste no time in getting to know each other, as tensions rise. Chauffeur James makes an early impression, much to the annoyance of one other juror.