The Secrets Of Sleep


Episode 3 Narcolepsy & Night Terrors

4.3 63 x
After 25 years of sleep attacks, Yvette has been diagnosed with narcolepsy. And Laura's horrifying night terrors keep her trapped in her bedroom. Can the sleep experts help?

Episode 2 Trauma, Panic & Snoring

4.0 50 x
Jess hasn't slept properly for 10 years, since she witnessed a traumatic accident. Mike wakes in a panic several times a night. Lisa suffers from epic snoring . Can the experts ease their troubles?

Episode 1 Nightmares and Sleepwalkers

4.0 46 x
Michael gets trapped in his own nightmares. Phil collapses whenever he has a strong emotion. Nancy sleepwalks her way into danger almost every night. Can the sleep gurus help?