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The Sky at Night

The Sky at Night team delve into Nasa’s OSIRIS-REx mission and find out what it takes to analyse the tiny pieces of space rock that may tell us about the origins of life.

The team go in search of the potential causes of the Star of Bethlehem. The list of candidates includes supernovae, comets, meteors and unusual alignments of the giant planets.
In a special episode to mark the end of another season, The Sky at Night teams up with Radio 4’s The Infinite Monkey Cage to talk all things amateur astronomy.
A special Question Time edition of the programme, recorded at the University of Exeter as part of the British Science Association’s Science Festival.
The Sky at Night team travels to the heart of Chile's Atacama Desert to explore one of the most advanced observatories in the world - the Very Large Telescope, or VLT.
The Sky at Night team investigate the science of black holes and discover the incredible techniques being used to uncover their secrets.
The team investigates the controversial world of alien communication. If we discover aliens, how would we contact them, and should we communicate with them at all?
The Sky at Night team investigates the science and engineering helping the UK to blast into space. Chris visits a rocket company near Glasgow to find out how rockets are built.
The Sky at Night team explores the threat of an asteroid impact on earth and meets the space scientists who are developing methods of planetary defence that sound like the stuff of science fiction.
The Sky at Night team investigate the latest science used in the hunt for extraterrestrial life, including a major mission to Jupiter's icy moons.
Episodes 2022
The Sky at Night team explore concepts that today seem like science fiction but which one day may become science fact.
A special 'Question Time' edition, with an expert panel answering questions from viewers on all things astronomical.
The Sky at Night turns its focus to the wonderful world of astrophotography, including a look at the new technology being built for the Very Large Telescope.
The Sky at Night team meets the scientists in the UK researching the astonishing new data returned by the James Webb Space Telescope.
The Sky at Night team reveal how stargazers can overcome the cloudy British weather by pointing their telescopes at the sky when it's still light.
Martin Rees is perhaps Britain’s most renowned cosmologist. Now, about to celebrate his eightieth birthday, Lord Rees talks to Chris Lintott about his career in science.
2022 marks the fiftieth year since an astronaut last set foot on the moon. The Sky at Night team looks back at the legacy of the Apollo programme and forward to the future of lunar exploration.
The Sky at Night team report on the new scientific methods being used to detect exoplanets and how the winter darkness of Antarctica is critical to their success.
The Sky at Night team explore how light pollution impacts the beauty of the night sky, animal behaviour and human health, and what might be done to mitigate its harmful effects.
Episodes 2021
Chris and Maggie look back at some of the stories they have covered in 2021 in the Sky at Night’s big review of the year.