Time for School

September 2019

Series 3: 19. Remembrance

3.0 0 x
We join the children of reception class as they learn all about Remembrance Day. During carpet time, they talk about poppies and why they wear them.

Series 3: 18. End of Term

4.0 1 x
It’s been a very busy first term for the children in reception and there’s still plenty for the girls and boys to do as the end of term approaches.

Series 3: 17. World War II Day

3.0 3 x
It’s a very special day at school as the children in reception take part in 'World War II Day'. Everyone dresses up in 1940s costumes – including the teachers!

Series 3: 16. Creatures and Critters

4.0 2 x
It’s a misty morning in the playground and the children investigate some spider webs hanging on the school fence. Later, they go on a nature hunt in the forest school.
August 2019

Series 3: 15. Rainy Day Fun

3.0 3 x
It’s raining hard but that isn’t going to stop the children in reception from having a good time!

Series 3: 14. School Trip

4.0 1 x
The children go on their first ever school trip and visit a beautiful country park. They meet friendly animals and have fun in the adventure playground.

Series 3: 13. Up Up and Away

4.0 0 x
In this episode, the children learn about things that fly and play at being pilots.

Series 3: 12. Painting Portraits

3.0 1 x
In this episode, Scarlett and her friends decide to paint pictures of one another on a huge piece of plastic. But things soon get messy – will they be able to clean it all up?

Series 3: 11. Firefighters and Fireworks

4.0 2 x
Today, the children have a special visit from some firefighters. They show the class around their fire engine before letting them loose with the water hose!

Series 3: 10. Autumn Days

3.0 0 x
In this episode, the children are learning all about autumn.
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