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Tiny Wonders

The tide is out, and there’s lots to see as the Noggle lands on the seashore. There must be a Tiny Wonder to explore. Yapp-Yapp makes a discovery that surprises all the Nogglins.

Series 1
It’s a busy day in the park. The Nogglins explore to find another Tiny Wonder when they discover something sticky. As they investigate, Nono gets too close and ends up needing a bath.
The Nogglins go for a walk on the beach. There’s not much to see until Hum discovers something sparkly. But is it just her imagination?
The Nogglins play hide-and-seek deep in the forest. Can Yapp-Yapp find the perfect hiding place?
It’s time for school. The Nogglins find a tiny moon. Itty plays a trick that scares Fidd, who makes a discovery that amazes the Nogglins.
Series 3
The children are learning in class. The Nogglins play a game, but Fidd can't keep still. And something else is moving too!
The children are helping on grandad's vegetable patch. The Nogglins explore a bumpy green place. Itty and Nono jump over a gap, but how will the others get across?
The family are playing on the swings. The Nogglins are getting chilly until Fidd finds a fun way to stay warm.
The family are walking through the park. The Nogglins discover a golden river, and Hum gets stuck. Can the Nogglins help him get free?
It's time for a drink in the café. The Nogglins find something springy. Nono wants to keep bouncing, but the others aren't so sure.
The family are building sandcastles on the beach. The Nogglins find something interesting in the sand, and Itty wants them all to climb to the top.
There are lots of colourful flowers. The Nogglins discover lots of tiny yellow things. Can Yapp-Yapp help count them all?
The family are looking in the bushes. The Nogglins discover something bouncy, but Nono needs to be careful not to bump into everyone.
It's a busy day in the classroom. The Nogglins discover a great place to play hide-and-seek. Can Yapp-Yapp find where they're all hiding?
There's lots to see on the seashore. The Nogglins discover a wavy creature and try to wave back. Itty takes charge, and they all wave together.
Series 1
The Nogglins land in a garden and discover a racetrack. Fidd wants to win, but which way is the fastest?
The Nogglins discover a tangly place. Itty wants to climb the highest. How will she get everyone back down again?
The Nogglins spend a day at the seaside. There’s a shape surprise for all the Nogglins, but will Nono find his?
The Nogglins go for a walk in the woods. They discover a maze, and Hum uses her voice to find her way home.
It’s time for a picnic. The Nogglins discover something crunchy, and Fidd slips and slides into trouble.