To the Manor Born

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To the Manor Born

Sitcom about a former lady of the manor. Richard is anxious to sign a profitable contract with the glamorous Mademoiselle Dutoit, even if it means inventing a wife.

Series 3
Sitcom about a lady of the manor who is forced to give up her home to a grocery tycoon. A rare bird nesting on the estate attracts interest among local naturalists.
Stately sitcom. A repair bill for Audrey's Rolls-Royce finally convinces her to revert to four-legged horsepower.
British Rail decides to close down the local station and Audrey goes into battle.
Stately sitcom. Audrey upbraids Richard for not sponsoring a charity event in aid of a new scout hut.
Series 2
Stately sitcom. Audrey puts her back out fetching in the firewood.
Stately sitcom. Fearing that DeVere's plans to enlarge the fields will destroy the surrounding countryside, Audrey leads the local community's campaign to stop him.
Stately sitcom. Arthur arrives as usual to help out on the Grantleigh estate, but Audrey can't give him work.
Stately sitcom. Audrey helps Richard catalogue his antique china, only to discover one piece has been mislaid.
Stately sitcom. One of Audrey's old school friends wants to pay a visit, but she is unaware of the drop in status of the former lady of the manor.
Stately sitcom. Richard offers Ned's services to Audrey in Brabinger's absence but Ned thinks it is all a plot to remove him from his tied cottage.
Series 1
Stately sitcom. When DeVere decides to film a commercial at the manor, Audrey thinks the world should know the truth about him - and about her.
Stately sitcom. Audrey waits until DeVere goes away until she herself goes on holiday.
Sitcom. DeVere hosts the traditional hunt ball but asks Marjory to organise it instead of Audrey, who in turn arranges an exquisite revenge.
Stately sitcom. DeVere moves his multinational grocery business to the manor and crosses swords with Audrey over a fireplace.
Class-based sitcom. Audrey takes DeVere to task for failing to turn up in church on Sunday, but then fails to practise what she preaches.
Audrey moves out of Grantleigh Manor. Her hopes of seeing the estate run along old lines are dashed when she discovers the new owner's background.
Sitcom. Audrey fforbes-Hamilton, an upper-class widow, is forced into an alliance with a self-made man in a bid to keep her stately home.
Classic sitcom. As Christmas approaches, Audrey is determined to carry out her responsibilities as though she still lived at the manor.
Series 3
Stately sitcom. Audrey's hopes of regaining her position as lady of the manor look like being dashed when Richard's business crisis forces him to sell up.