Tool Academy

December 2012

Series 3 Episode 9

3.0 29 x
Celebrating the greatest Tools and Toolish behaviour, this show takes a nostalgic look back at some of the favourites from years…

Series 3 Episode 8

3.0 45 x
It's the grand final and the three remaining Tools are competing for the £25,000 prize money (and maybe even hoping to get their…

Series 3 Episode 7

3.0 30 x
The competition continues in sunny Spain, where the Tool Academy hopes to put the bad boyfriends back on track. Having overcome…
November 2012

Series 3 Episode 6

3.0 31 x
It's 'Tools: The Musical' when the guys have to prove their communication skills by singing their way back into their…

Series 3 Episode 5

3.0 34 x
In this show the Tools learn about romance. They're forced to rate how good their partners are in bed, leading to some…

Series 3 Episode 4

3.0 85 x
There is a mole couple in the Academy. The moles have been dishing the dirt on the other couples and stirring up trouble, but for…

Series 3 Episode 3

3.0 94 x
The couples continue their road to recovery with a focus on trust. To find out just how honest the Tools have been with their…
October 2012

Series 3 Episode 2

3.0 84 x
After last week's initial shock, it's back to the classroom for the Tools, where the girls learn some harsh home truths about…

Series 3 Episode 1

3.0 156 x
The Academy is a place for ungratified girlfriends to send their boyfriends to cure them of their wily ways.
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