Total Drama Island: Reboot

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Total Drama Island: Reboot

Chris responds to the network’s request for a holiday special by making the campers hunt for eggs.

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Series 1
The teams take part in a competition to catapult a fellow team member! The first team to reach 10,000 points wins. The losing team, as always, will be sending someone home.
After an all-bean breakfast, the teams must cross the island in silence to avoid being eaten by raptors. The first team to reach the other side claims victory.
It’s just a normal game of capture the flag, except the flag is a skull, and the opponents are armed with fire hoses, toilet plunger harpoons and giant rolling boulders.
Each team has a member placed into a clear glass tank that is locked and slowly filling with water. In order to free them, they must retrieve the codes at the far end of a dangerous obstacle course.
The two teams go to war, firing cabbages from cannons at each other from their respective pirate ships. The first team to sink the other will be the winner.
Chris welcomes 16 new campers back to the original island and divides them into two teams who will face off in a blindfolded challenge that’s sure to cause pain.
Only three campers remain to take on the final challenge and potentially win the $1 million promised by Chris.
Things get scary when campers are pulled into a fish hook challenge that pits them against both each other and their worst fears.
Release the hounds! Campers are hunted by a pack of fearsome attack dogs... and one pug!
Julia gets between Caleb and Priya during the most painful memory game of all time.
Caleb is desperate to put his relationship with Priya back together, while the campers tear apart the largest objects they can find.
The fate of Priya and Caleb's relationship hangs in the balance as Zee struggles to keep a secret. And it all plays out during a brutal game of human pinball.
It's definitely no cakewalk as Campers compete in the ultimate island bake-off. A very special guest judge even stops by for a bite!
During a fun-filled day of canoe jousting, a special friendship is founded and an outed cheater gets pounded.
A chilling challenge inside an iceberg leads to the coldest elimination of the season.
The campers get tested on how well they know each other. Correct answers could win them immunity, but incorrect answers drop them into a pool of hungry wolverines.
Tensions run high in this week's challenge when the campers find themselves in a sticky situation.
Things get wet, wild and gross when the campers play waterslide basketball!
A special guest arrives on the island to really mess things up.