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Vida The Vet

Sunny Mouse joins Vida for a day of vet training, but he’s so small that most jobs are too big... until the perfect one presents itself.

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Series 1
When Zigzag’s friend, Banjo the koala, doesn’t feel like coming out to play, she calls Vida, who knows just what to do. Vida gets him exercising and healthy enough to play with Zigzag in no time!
When animal after animal show up at Vida’s clinic with a mysterious rash, she’s determined to find the cause. It's poison ivy!
After Popcorn runs on his hamster wheel all night, he’s cranky the next day. Will he nap?
Sunny has trouble sleeping at the clinic. Vida gathers all his comforts of home to help.
It’s Healthy Fur Day, and all the animals in Sweetwood are coming to Vida’s clinic to get groomed - except Zigzag, a bunny with some serious knots in her fluffy tail.
When Popcorn gets sick, Fergie and Kipp offer to help Vida out in the clinic. But their competitive natures get in the way of them working together.
When Kipp doesn't know what made him giddy, it's up to Vida to solve the dizzy mystery.
Vida helps Koa get over his fear of needles when a porcupine quill is removed. The key is distractions -
When Fergie gets hiccups before her concert, Vida needs to come up with a preshow cure!
Juno gets sticky from tree sap, so Vida needs to give her a bubble bath - but she’s nervous!
When Fergie is feeling off, Vida diagnoses her - she's having a sad day. It happens to everyone, and all she needs to do is take care of herself. Luckily, she has lots of friends to help out.
When Toby has trouble catching a ball, Vida gives him an eye exam and learns he needs glasses.
Tidbit sprains his ankles before performing, so Fergie teaches him wheelchair dance moves.
When Zigzag hurts her foot on the job, Vida is there to help fix it. But Zigzag still has to deliver her packages in time for Vida's surprise Vet Day party.
When Vida’s vet bag goes missing, it’s up to her and her Sweetwoodian friends to track it down. Not only do they find it, but they also discover a hermit crab in need of a new home!
When Zigzag needs to wear an eye patch, Vida enlists the help of Molasses, the seeing eye snail, but Zigzag refuses.
When Koa the tiger's teeth hurt, Vida discovers bacteria in his mouth from all the sweets he has been eating.
Sunny is writing a book about his favourite vet, but first he needs to ask her questions. Vida lets Sunny tag along on a day of house calls, so she can tell him everything he wants to know – in song!
Popcorn breaks the x-ray machine and does everything he can to fix it before Vida finds out.