Series 1

Series 1, Episode 5 - Impeachment

4.0 4 x
President Nixon clings on to the White House as the case against him mounts. The automatic recording system he ordered to be installed in the Oval Office, however, contains damning evidence.

Series 1, Episode 4 - Massacre

4.0 4 x
The so-called Saturday Night Massacre, the chain of events that unfolded on 20 October 1973, when President Nixon demanded that special prosecutor Archibald Cox be fired.

Series 1, Episode 3 - Scapegoat

4.0 5 x
Nixon pays the Watergate burglars to keep silent, but his adviser, John Dean, turns state's evidence after John McCord, one of the thieves, reveals the administration's involvement.

Series 1, Episode 2 - Cover-Up

4.0 5 x
Documentary series about the Watergate scandal. Nixon's burglars are caught, and the president himself is at the head of a cover-up that links the crime to the White House.

Series 1, Episode 1 - Break-In

4.0 14 x
Documentary series. In 1972, a break-in at the Democratic Party's headquarters sparks the Watergate scandal and a cover-up that goes to the very top of the US government.