Wicked Tuna

May 2016

10. Good to the Last Bite

2.5 25 x
The fishermen push to catch the final fish of the season.

9. Pirate Problems

3.0 14 x
As the season winds down, conflict erupts on the Odysea.

8. Grudge Match

3.0 10 x
Bounty Hunter gain a defector as a deckhand.

7. Mutiny at Sea

3.0 8 x
Ralph and the crew face broken rods and vicious sharks.

6. Man vs Storm

3.0 15 x
6. Man vs Storm of the TV-show Wicked Tuna was broadcast by Channel 5 on Tuesday 3 May 2016 at 20:00.
April 2016

5. Greed, Ego and Jealousy

3.0 16 x
Ralph is torn between a fish and helping a boat in need.

4. Size Matters

3.0 13 x
A brash new captain catches a monster 1,110 pound tuna.

3. Weekend Warriors

3.0 11 x
As Bill's debts pile up, Dave's winning streak continues.

1. The Bite is On

3.0 13 x
Five boats go head-to-head in a search for blue fin tuna.

2. Payback's a Fish

3.0 10 x
With the help of Ralph, Bill plots his revenge on Dave.
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