WW2 Countdown to Victory

September 2016

The Blitz, the Bismarck and Barbarossa

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Incredible archive footage brings the realities of war to life. After failing to conquer Britain by 1941, Hitler switches his focus to Russia.

On Land, In the Air and All at Sea

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This captivating WWII retrospective focuses on early 1941, as the Luftwaffe continued to bomb Britain and the Afrika Korps blossomed under Rommel.

Fighting Further Afield

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An in-depth guide to WWII. As 1940 drew to a close, Japan signed the Tripartite Pact with Italy and Germany. Nightly bombing raids decimated British cities.

Britain Under Attack

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A thorough guide to the deadliest conflict in history. With much of Europe under his power, Hitler's advance continued west - resulting in the Battle of Britain.

First Blood

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Blood, toil, tears and sweat: the story of WWII. Winston Churchill's first task as incoming Prime Minister in May 1940 was the evacuation of Allied soldiers from Dunkirk.

Battle Lines Drawn

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Everything you wanted to know about WWII. In early 1940, Britain faced up to the prospect of rationing and Hitler prepared for full-scale invasion of Scandinavia.
August 2016

The Road to War

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A fascinating 24-part series chronologically charting key WWII events. When Adolf Hitler's troops invaded Poland in September 1939, war in Europe looked unavoidable.