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The garden gang are intrigued when Yukee says she’s going to stay up late with them so that she can show them the Man in the Moon. But will they all be able to stay awake long enough to see him?

Series 1
When the sensational singing snail sisters take a wrong direction and end up in the garden, Sonny offers to take them where they need to go. As a thank you, they give a special concert.
When a touring musical pigeon lands in the garden, the poor bird finds he has lost his flying beat. Yukee and the garden gang help Feathers find the right wing-flapping beat to get back in the air.
It’s the first day of spring, so it’s time for the traditional march round the garden to greet the daffodils. But none of the gang can remember the right tempo to march to.
When Sonny finds an old line-dancing record, Yukee thinks it would be a mighty swell idea if the gang had a line dance in the Sunhouse.
A samba band is coming to play, and everyone is helping to prepare. Stripes is so busy that he has forgotten one thing - to book the band!
It’s been raining, and Toad is resisting the urge to join in with Yukee and her friends' game of musical mud-squelching.
Stripes has borrowed Twinkle's xylophone, but he has lost it - and right before her performance! The gang race around the garden, listening for clues. But will they find it in time?
When Toad finds himself with a case of puddle hiccups, it’s up to Yukee and the rest of the garden gang to find a cure.
Sonny can’t fit a rescued old tin bath into his caravan. Can TapTap find an unexpected use for it?
Sonny and Yukee become distracted by the amazing musical properties of a pile of old salvaged pots.
Toad needs a new pumpkin double bass. Yukee and Twinkle use vegetables from the veggie patch to create some surprising instruments – but none are quite right for Toad.
Stripes has written a brilliant song, but his guitar string is broken, so he can't play it. Yukee decides to surprise Stripes by enlisting his garden friends to sing the song to him.
When Yukee is asked to carry several messages across the garden to Sonny, she comes up with a clever rhyming song to help her remember them all.
Sonny finds an old musical safe, which only opens with the right musical code. With Yukee’s help, Sonny tries every tune he can think of, but none opens the box.
When Rock Night is double-booked, everyone's beloved Sundial Stage quickly becomes a crowded and noisy place to be.
Yukee’s garden pals think the fortune cookie messages she has given them are going to come true! How can Yukee tell them they’re just for fun and not going to happen? Or are they?
TapTap becomes very protective when strange eggs appear in the branches of her tree, so everyone helps to keep the garden nice and quiet.
TapTap’s loud, fast drumming is driving everyone in the garden to distraction. Can Yukee and Twinkle find a way to show TapTap that fast doesn’t necessarily have to mean loud?
Everyone is bringing presents to the opening of Twinkle’s zen garden, and Yukee wants to take something too.