A Poet's Guide to Britain


5. Lynette Roberts

3.0 10 x
Owen Sheers visits a Welsh village to explore Lynette Roberts's Poem from Llanybri.(R)

4. Matthew Arnold

3.0 16 x
Owen Sheers visits Oxford to explore Matthew Arnold's bleak poem Dover Beach.(R)

3. George Mackay Brown

3.0 22 x
Owen Sheers visits the Orkneys to explore George Mackay Brown's poem Hamnavoe.(R)

2. Sylvia Plath

3.0 19 x
Owen Sheers explores the story behind Sylvia Plath's poem Wuthering Heights.(R)

1. William Wordsworth

3.0 30 x
Owen Sheers explores the story behind Wordsworth's Composed upon Westminster Bridge.(R)
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