A Taste Of Italy

Series 1

Series 1, Episode 10 - Episode 10

4.0 27 x
In Lucca, Nisha tries a soup bursting with 20 vegetables that celebrates the olive harvest, and local ravioli - tordelli lucchesi - and makes her own easy vegetable soup. (Ep10)

Series 1, Episode 8 - Episode 8

3.0 5 x
Brand new series: In Viterbo, Nisha tries acquacotta viterbese, susianella di Viterbo and fish from the largest volcanic crater lake in Europe, before making poached fish and veg. (Ep8)

Series 1, Episode 9 - Episode 9

3.0 13 x
In the Sicilian city of Catania, Nisha tries tuna sausage and swordfish parmigiana, and, inspired by her discoveries, she makes pasta alla norma: her take on the aubergine pasta dish. (Ep9)

Series 1, Episode 7 - Episode 7

3.0 22 x
In Campobasso, Nisha tries la pampanella moderna and learns about artisan 'knitted' cheese, before cooking spicy breaded pork escalopes, inspired by her discoveries. (Ep7)

Series 1, Episode 6 - Episode 6

3.0 19 x
In Syracuse, Nisha tries tonno al agrodolce and sea urchins on bruschetta, before making citrus tuna with an orange and courgette salad, inspired by her discoveries. (Ep6)

Series 1, Episode 5 - Episode 5

3.0 18 x
In Lecce, Nisha tries salsiccia salentina and handmade breads with a variety of local produce, before cooking up a pork patty inspired by her delicious discoveries. (Ep5)

Series 1, Episode 4 - Episode 4

3.0 14 x
In the Tuscan port town of Livorno, Nisha Katona tries cacciucco and cozze ripiene, before making a fish stew with fennel and white wine inspired by her discoveries. (Ep4)

Series 1, Episode 3 - Episode 3

3.0 17 x
Nisha Katona uncovers the specialties of Sulmona in Abruzzo, including pasta alla chitarra with tomato sauce and a local coffee that pays homage to the poet Ovid. (Ep3)

Series 1, Episode 2 - Episode 2

3.5 49 x
Nisha Katona travels to Bari in the Puglia region, where she discovers orecchiette con cima di rapa and scagliozzi, before making steamed mussels in white wine. (Ep2)

Series 1, Episode 1 - Episode 1

3.0 69 x
Nisha Katona travels Italy to discover its hidden culinary gems. In the Umbrian city of Orvieto, she tries gallina 'mbriaca, funghi porcini pasta and lumachella. (Ep1)