Alone At Home

November 2018

Episode 4 Nottinghamshire, Alison

Expired 3.0 28 x
Single mother Alison departs her Nottinghamshire home, leaving her four daughters - aged 8 to 15 - to cope. Will the girls step up and show some self-sufficiency?

Episode 3 London, Eleanor & James

Expired 2.0 26 x
Eleanor and James leave their affluent south London suburban home for a long weekend away from their four boys - aged eight to 13. Do things go smoothly or will the boys run riot?

Episode 2 West Yorkshire, Alison & Andrew

Expired 3.0 12 x
Feeling the pressure of parenting, Alison and Andrew head off for four days. How do Lola, Travis and Charlie cope alone? And what about Mum?

Episode 1 Surrey, Natalie & Daniel

Expired 3.5 25 x
Natalie and Daniel head off for four days, leaving their three teens home alone, to do exactly as they please. What do Millie, Laurel and Ethan get up to?
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