Being Eileen


6. Birthday

3.0 18 x
Ray builds a pirate ship for Liam's themed party - but Liam is scared of pirates.

5. DIY

3.0 22 x
A family outing to the local DIY store ends in mayhem.

4. Monopoly

3.0 17 x
Eileen decides to spend an afternoon learning Spanish, until she is invaded by the family.

3. Ay Carumba

3.0 38 x
Eileen joins a group of other local widows, but will not play by the rules.

2. Homeless

3.0 17 x
Eileen takes in a homeless man, while Paula and Ray take in a homeless rabbit.

1. Missing

3.0 26 x
Chaos descends on the Lewis family as it appears that Eileen has gone missing.