Series 1 Episode 6

3.0 19 x
The Day of Reckoning. Stomachs and hearts are in knots as George prepares to deliver the bad news.

Series 1 Episode 5

3.0 10 x
As George puts the finishing touches to her Final Report, Matt is plunged into total crisis over his recent shenanigans and the…

Series 1 Episode 4

3.0 23 x
Philandering English Professor, Matt Beer, is on a mission to woo icy business consultant George into knee-trembling…

Series 1 Episode 3

3.0 20 x
The arrival of a restructuring guru, in the shapely form of George Bryan, sends a chilly wind up many a Kirke trouser.

Series 1 Episode 2

3.0 17 x
Jonty is forced to make huge spending cuts and the Kirke University rumour mill goes into paranoid overdrive. No one's job is…

Series 1 Episode 1

3.0 12 x
According to Vice Chancellor Jonty de Wolfe, Kirke University's bank balance and academic reputation both need a bit of a boost…