Campus P.D.


Series 1, Episode 7: Dumpster Bust

3.0 12 x
In Cincinnati, Officer Savard calls for back-up when he finds two men behind a skip.

Series 1, Episode 10: Costume Party

3.0 11 x
Officer Dimmit investigates a rowdy Halloween party.

Series 1, Episode 6: Chico Couple In Costume

3.0 19 x
Officer Dimmit checks in on an out-of-control party in Chico, California.

Series 1, Episode 9: Wild Party

3.0 11 x
Officer Chatman finds an intoxicated student and calls for medical assistance.

Series 1, Episode 5: DUI P.D.

3.0 10 x
Series 1, Episode 5: DUI P.D. of the TV-show Campus P.D. was broadcasted by Channel 5 on Monday 27 October 2014 at 0:50.
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