Episode 28: One for the Road - Part 3

3.0 24 x
As they prepare to start their new life together, Sam and Diane are plagued with doubts about whether their relationship can really work.

Episode 27: One for the Road - Part 2

3.0 37 x
A tense evening full of lies, embarrassment and insecurity leads to a surprise reconciliation between Sam and Diane.

Episode 26: One for the Road - Part 1

3.0 41 x
Sharp comedy from the Boston bar. Sam faces the terrifying prospect of a reunion with Diane. Meanwhile, Kirstie receives a proposal.

Episode 25: The Guy Can't Help It

3.0 25 x
Rebecca reluctantly dates a lowly plumber only to find herself falling in love.

Episode 24: Rebecca Gaines, Rebecca Loses - Part 2

3.0 15 x
Sitcom. Rebecca swears she will never date men for their money again after the party at Gaines's house goes horribly wrong.
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