Comedy Shorts

October 2020

Matt Berry Does...: 4. Ghosts

3.0 14 x
Comedian Matt Berry takes a spooky look at the history of ghosts - UK ghosts like the Shouty Kenneths, who apparently live in the sea.

Frankie Boyle and Bob Mortimer's Cookery Show

3.0 13 x
Comedy short in which Frankie Boyle and Bob Mortimer attempt to host an entertaining and yet informative cookery show.
September 2020

Reece Shearsmith in The Case of the High Foot

4.0 5 x
Comedy short set in the 1930s in which Hilda Stolf visits her doctor, complaining of a rare case of 'high foot'.

Matt Berry: Lone Wolf

4.0 7 x
An alternative nature documentary, following the life and struggles of wild wolves as they attempt to hunt down a herd of elk. Narrated by Matt Berry and full of fruity language.
August 2020

September 6, 2018

4.0 4 x
Comedy. An introduction into the mind of Herbert Clunkerdunk as he attempts to move around his everyday life - only to be constantly interrupted by his own imagination.
May 2020


3.0 14 x
Comedy short from Tim Key. A man dazzles a girl on the perfect first date but why won't she text back? He retraces his steps, reexamining the date.
April 2020

Lazy Susan

4.0 19 x
Like a couple of dogs loose at a football match, Freya Parker and Celeste Dring burst onto the screen with their subversive, sharply written and totally joyful sketch show.
August 2019

Brain in Gear

3.0 8 x
Remi, a perfectly normal, if somewhat anxious single woman in her late twenties, tries her best to navigate the contradicting advice from her inner thoughts.
July 2019


4.0 4 x
Dolly is an actress on the verge of super-stardom going to the premiere of her first movie. But on the way, she finds out she is trending on Twitter - for all the wrong reasons.


4.0 11 x
A comedy by Diane Morgan about Mandy, a woman who really really wants a sofa, and will stop at absolutely nothing to get it.