Deadly 60 On A Mission


Series 2: 8. Sri Lanka

3.0 1 x
Steve Backshall and the Deadly 60 crew head for the island paradise of Sri Lanka. They journey to Yala National Park, famous for its population of Sri Lankan leopards.

Series 2: 7. Africa 2

4.0 2 x
Steve Backshall journeys from the lush mountains of Ethiopia to the plains of South Africa. He encounters one of the most feared predators in Africa, the spotted hyena.

Series 2: 6. Florida

3.0 3 x
Steve Backshall continues his search for the planet's deadliest predators with a visit to Florida, where he swims with a wild alligator in the Silver Springs river.
Episodes 2019

Series 2: 5. Mexico

4.0 3 x
Steve Backshall and the crew head to Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, where Steve enjoys an encounter with a bull shark, races with some sailfish and marvels at a million bats.

Series 2: 4. South America

3.0 7 x
Steve Backshall and the crew scour the wetlands of Venezuela in search of more lethal beasts. Steve heads into crocodile infested waters for a nocturnal encounter.

Series 2: 3. Asia

4.0 4 x
Steve Backshall tracks down some of the largest deadly animals Asia has to offer. Starting in Indonesia, Steve and his crew are chased by a group of Komodo dragons.

Series 2: 2. Australia and New Zealand

4.0 4 x
Steve Backshall and his crew visit Australia and New Zealand in search of more lethal predators. Steve is dropped onto the nest of a saltwater crocodile.

Series 2: 1. Africa 1

3.0 9 x
Steve Backshall and his crew are in South Africa. They are looking for one of the most iconic deadly animals of them all, the ferocious great white shark.