Dwight In Shining Armour

Series 3

Series 3, Episode 7 - A Bone to Pick

3.0 0 x
Dwight, Gretta and Zeke investigate the dozens of mysterious holes that are being dug in Woodside for no apparent reason. Meanwhile, Hexela and Baldric track a Tovenar.

Series 3, Episode 6 - Lake Monster

3.0 0 x
Sightings of a large creature in Woodside Lake raise the suspicions of Zeke, the school newspaper editor. Dwight and Gretta are recruited to help and find that the creature has a message for Dwight.

Series 3, Episode 5 - Just Desserts

3.0 3 x
A Herald appears on Gretta’s doorstep, inviting Dwight and Gretta to attend a medieval trial at the Swine & Slosh, where the defendant is a cow accused of raucous behaviour.

Series 3, Episode 4 - Mirabel

4.0 0 x
Gretta refuses to attend the Woodside High Sweet Heart Dance for fear of it being ruined in the same way as her coming-of-age ball.

Series 3, Episode 3 - Fancy Pants

4.0 2 x
While helping Gretta and Baldric do some spring cleaning, Dwight finds an outlandish pair of trousers that lead the wearer back to the lair of an ancient, evil court Jester.

Series 3, Episode 2 - Glimpse

4.0 2 x
Dwight, Gretta and Chlodwig get a shocking- and short- vision of their future. Gretta refuses to accept that future and makes plans for the three of them to avoid it.

Series 3, Episode 1 - Wishy Washy, Part 2

4.0 13 x
After Ragana fled the witches' brawl against Hexela and captured Dwight, she seeks refuge in the Witches' Inn.
Series 2

Series 2, Episode 10 - Wishy Washy, Part 1

3.0 6 x
When a member of Hexela’s coven surprises her in Woodside, Baldric, Gretta, and Dwight are roped into the escalating rivalry between the two witches.

Series 2, Episode 9 - Agnet

3.0 6 x
Chlodwig’s stalker arrives in Woodside with the intention of winning his undying love. Gretta and Dwight get roped into helping Chlodwig avoid his persistent follower.

Series 2, Episode 8 - Invincible

3.0 3 x
A thief with an invincibility cloak comes back to finish a job he started 1,000 years ago. Gretta, Baldric and Dwight set out to find the Quiet Friars to discover the identity of the thief.