Family Tree

September 2013

8. Cowboys

3.0 24 x
Sitcom. Bea and Pete decide to spend the day at the beach but Monk goes missing.
August 2013

7. Indians

3.0 21 x
Tom discovers that his and Bea's great-great-grandmother may have been a native American.

6. Civil War

3.0 19 x
Tom investigates his great-great-grandfather's activities in the American Civil War.

5. Welcome to America

3.0 17 x
Tom arrives in Los Angeles to stay with his American cousins, Al and Kitty Chadwick.

4. Country Life

3.0 17 x
Tom, Bea, Keith and Luba head to Derbyshire to meet some recently discovered cousins.
July 2013

3. The Austerity Games

3.0 14 x
Tom suspects his grandfather competed in the 1948 London 'Austerity Games'.

2. Treading the Boards

3.0 21 x
Tom and Pete investigate an unforeseen aspect of Tom's great-grandfather Harry's life.

1. The Box

3.0 36 x
Tom is surprised when he is bequeathed an old chest of curios by his great-aunt.