Handmade In Bolton


Series 1: 3. Palissy Plate

3.0 9 x
Ex-forger Shaun Greenhalgh is set the task of making a Renaissance animal plate of the type invented by the great French potter Bernard Palissy.
Episodes 2019

Series 1: 4. Rock Crystal Bottle

4.0 14 x
Dr Janina Ramirez sets ex-forger Shaun Greenhalgh the almost impossible task of carving an Islamic bottle out of rock crystal in the style of the 10th-century Egyptian Fatimids.

Series 1: 2. Nottingham Alabaster

3.0 19 x
Dr Janina Ramirez sets ex-forger Shaun Greenhalgh the challenge of making an alabaster carving of the kind mass-produced in Catholic England in the centuries before the Reformation.

Series 1: 1. Visigothic Brooch

4.0 32 x
Oxford historian Dr Janina Ramirez sets Shaun Greenhalgh, once a prolific forger, the challenge of making a jewelled eagle brooch of the kind worn by Visigoth chieftains in the Dark Ages.
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