Hoarder SOS


Episode 13

4.3 17 x
Can the experts persuade a Cambridgeshire woman to part with her piles of perfume bottles? Plus, a couple in Sheffield clear out decades' worth of records for a very special cause.

Episode 12

4.0 13 x
This time the experts are in West London helping a woman so swamped with clothes it's proving difficult to get through her bedroom door. Plus a former air stewardess hoarding mementoes.

Episode 15

4.0 19 x
A woman who used to sell all things vintage but kept lots for herself calls in the SOS team to help her clear a clutter. In Plymouth a busy mum needs help to clear her latest home of stuff.

Episode 14

4.0 11 x
Two friends who have house shared for seven years in Lancashire need help to rid their home of an eclectic mix of clutter. In Peterborough a lady drowning in teapots calls in the experts.

Episode 11

4.0 18 x
This time the experts are in Wales and Berkshire, helping a former cabaret singer let go of a mountain of clothes and bling, and a musical couple who have more guitars than they can play

Episode 10

4.0 11 x
A costume maker from Chester needs help because her house is crammed with enough fabric to open a shop. In Perth a mum of four enlists her children to help reclaim her home from clutter.

Episode 8

4.0 5 x
A woman in Lincolnshire sends out an SOS to clear the clutter taking over her home, while in Newcastle upon Tyne a teacher wants to clear out rooms brimming with items from her late father

Episode 9

4.0 7 x
In Portsmouth Marianne helps an HR consultant tackle a mountain of clothes including her designer wedding dress; in Rotherham Curtis has his work cut out trying to sell an eclectic mix.

Episode 6

3.5 10 x
In Blackpool a costume maker needs help to part with a mountain of clothes and antiques. In Cumbria a woman has filled her house with the contents of a hotel.

Episode 7

4.0 10 x
Curtis Dowling and Marianne Cammack are in Essex helping a woman sell stuff she bought in New York in the 1960s, but will her items still have timeless appeal for potential buyers?
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