Hoff the Record

February 2019

The Abduction (S1E6)

4.0 4 x
The legend that is 'The Hoff' spoofs himself in Dave's knowing comedy. Ever-unlucky Hoff is caught up in a Fathers4Justice protest and a police pursuit to Dover.
January 2019

The Warlord (S1E5)

4.0 4 x
Big laughs in the Hoff's brilliant mockumentary. Hoff sings at a warlord's birthday do, but is sure the leader wants him dead and flees in a makeshift KITT car.

Hostile Environment Training (S1E4)

4.0 3 x
Side-splitting mockumentary about the Knight Rider star. Hoff gets a job as a landmine charity spokesman, but ends up singing for a warlord.

The United Nations (S1E3)

4.0 4 x
Baywatch star and all-round top bloke David Hasselhoff parodies himself in Dave's riotous comedy. Hoff decides to give up acting and become a UN ambassador.

The Advert (S1E2)

3.0 1 x
Ever game for a laugh, The Hoff excels as a fictionalised version of himself in this superb original comedy. Hoff films a commercial for a new, classy aftershave.

The Movie (S1E1)

4.0 2 x
The Hoff sends himself up in this very amusing mockumentary-style sitcom about the Baywatch legend. Hoff heads to the UK to star in a biopic about his own life.
August 2018


Expired 3.0 1 x
David Hasselhoff superbly spoofs himself in Dave's absurd comedy. Hoff gets a role in a low-budget horror film. The great Kevin Eldon plays the movie's maverick director.


Expired 3.0 3 x
The Hoff sends himself up in this superbly executed spoof. Hoff enters a devil's pact with a suave millionaire to fund a musical. Look out for a cameo from Tulisa.


Expired 3.0 1 x
A superb send-up of David Hasselhoff's life. Miranda's Sarah Hadland plays a superfan whose wedding Hoff is booked to perform at. After a few run-ins, Hoff vanishes...
July 2018


Expired 3.0 0 x
Farcical spoof of the Baywatch legend's life. Hoff's new manager - Spaced's Jessica Hynes - promises him Shakespeare. What he gets instead is celebrity cage fighting.
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