Hotel Inspector: Checking In, Checking Out

January 2019

4. The Swan

3.5 99 x
Alex Polizzi returns to the Swan Hotel in Norfolk.

3. Who'd a Thought It

4.0 46 x
Will Alex's third visit see success for Joe's guesthouse?

2. Colliter's Brook Farm

4.0 31 x
Has Richard been able to reclaim his dream of a rustic B&B?

1. The Regency Rooms

4.5 54 x
Is the Peaky Blinders themed hotel sleeping with the fishes?
October 2018

3. Harrogate Country B&B

4.0 67 x
Alex Polizzi returns to the Harrogate Country B&B.

4. Waterhall Country Hotel

3.0 37 x
Alex Polizzi heads back to the Waterhall Country Hotel.
December 2017

Season 5, Episode 3: Harrogate Country B&B

4.3 102 x
Alex Polizzi returns to discover how life at the Harrogate Country B&B has been going since her last visit. She is keen to see if the changes that were made have helped turn around its fortunes and she also has another idea to boost income.

Season 5, Episode 4: Waterhall Country Hotel

1.5 68 x
Hotel inspector Alex Polizzi checks into hotels and guest houses that she has previously visited to check how their fortunes have fared. She heads back to the Waterhall Country Hotel near Gatwick airport. Will the hotel finally be flying high?