How To Beat...

Series 1

Series 1, Episode 4 - How to Beat... Fat

3.0 53 x
Kate Quilton and Dr Javid Abdelmoneim enlist 10 volunteers with a history of failed dieting. Can the adoption of simple techniques help them to lose weight in just six weeks?

Episode 2

4.0 7 x
Ten stressed volunteers, from a firefighter to a chef, trial lifestyle changes. Can hobbies, mindfulness and cutting back on booze and caffeine lower their stress levels?

S1 E3: How to Beat... Pain

3.0 143 x
What simple techniques help relieve chronic pain, from migraine to backache? Is it often in the mind? Do yoga, tai chi or acupuncture work? And who tolerates pain best - men or women?

Episode 1

3.0 44 x
Kate Quilton and Dr Javid Abdelmoneim explore the simple changes that could lead to huge physical and mental health benefits. Can lifestyle tweaks knock years off your biological age? (Ep1)