Ill Gotten Gains

March 2021

Series 4 (Shortened Versions): Episode 5

4.0 2 x
National Crime Agency officers seize cash and drugs from a suspected county lines drug dealer, and Border Force officers at Gatwick sell off gold seized from a passenger.

Series 4 (Shortened Versions): Episode 4

3.0 4 x
Police in Belfast show off a large collection of designer goods they found at a suspected paramilitary drug dealer's house.

Series 4 (Shortened Versions): Episode 3

4.0 1 x
Police get the better of a romance fraudster in Durham, a racing car goes up for auction, and seized cash funds a police drone team.

Series 4 (Shortened Versions): Episode 2

3.0 4 x
A police modern slavery team check for signs of workers being exploited, and an American football team in the UK receives a boost from proceeds-of-crime funding.

Series 4 (Shortened Versions): Episode 1

3.0 2 x
A major police team try to recover what they suspect are some very expensive stolen vehicles, and a very prestigious Bentley is put up for auction.
September 2020

Series 4, Episode 15

3.0 17 x
A drone goes for sale at the proceeds of crime auction, police in Surrey target county lines drug dealers, and we learn how Trading Standards officers tracked down a con man targeting the elderly.

Series 4, Episode 14

4.0 13 x
Merseyside police look into the case of a carer they think has taken a huge sum of money from the person she was supposed to care for, and we see what a 'vishing' fraudster’s clothes fetch at auction.

Series 4, Episode 13

4.0 7 x
Some luxury handbags are for sale at the proceeds of crime auction today, all of which were seized from one man! And Hackney Trading Standards investigate fake electronic goods on the high street.

Series 4, Episode 12

4.0 10 x
Police in the City of London target suspected telephone fraudsters in a series of early morning raids, and a Liverpool drugs gang have their Range Rover and Chanel gloves sold off to the public.

Series 4, Episode 11

4.0 12 x
A light aircraft is up for sale to the highest bidder today, and a modern slavery unit in north Wales moves to help suspected sex workers at a caravan on their patch.