In and Out of the Kitchen

March 2015

3. The Lodger

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Cookery writer Damien Trench believes life should be simple, like one of his recipes. All he wants to do today, for example, is get the washing done.

2. Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day in the Trench household is marked by it being the one day of the year when cookery writer Damien Trenchis not allowed in the kitchen, so that his partner Anthony can prepare a romantic meal in private.

1. The Diet

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Cookery writer Damien Trench has all the ingredients for a perfect life. He lives in a delightful house in a nice part of London with his committed partner Anthony, and between writing cookery books, 'keeping house', and monitoring the work being carried out by his builder, Mr Mullaney, he barely has time to fit in anything else. He certainly hasn't time to give any thought to writing a column for a supermarket, Waitsbury's, that his agent Iain Frobisher is keen for him to do, especially as it'...