Jeeves and Wooster

August 2016

The Ties That Bind

Expired 3.0 45 x
Vintage comedy with the never-better Fry and Laurie. With Madeline Bassett about to marry and Lady Florence Craye also betrothed, Bertie considers himself a free man.

Trouble at Totleigh Towers

Expired 3.0 31 x
More farcical fun with Fry and Laurie. Things get sticky when Bertie becomes involved in Stiffy Byng's love life, a theft, and the impersonation of an African tribal chief.

The Delayed Arrival

Expired 3.0 40 x
A higher class of comedy. Events conspire to make Bertie's return to Blighty a miserable one. Things aren't too idyllic for Jeeves either, as he deals with an unwelcome admirer.

Bridegroom Wanted!

Expired 3.0 30 x
Superbly realised adaptation of PG Wodehouse's comic stories, starring Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry. Bertie's former fiancee, the ghastly Honoria Glossop, turns up in New York.

The Once and Future Ex

Expired 3.0 32 x
Vintage comedy based on PG Wodehouse's tales, with Fry and Laurie. Bertie finds himself on a sticky wicket when his former fiancee, Lady Florence Craye, turns up in Manhattan.

Return to New York

Expired 3.0 18 x
Vintage fun with the bumbling aristocrat and his trusty valet. Bertie and Jeeves have returned to the glittering metropolis of New York, but trouble lies ahead.

Comrade Bingo

Expired 3.0 22 x
More misadventures with the masterful duo of Fry and Laurie. Bertie's tranquil existence is shattered by the arrival of some Communists and a horrible demand from Aunt Dahlia.

Hot Off the Press

Expired 3.0 19 x
The publication of Sir Watkyn Bassett's memoirs could mean Stinker's marriage - and Gussie's nuptials - being called off, spelling disaster for Bertie. Upper-crust comedy.
July 2016

Right Ho, Jeeves

Expired 3.0 18 x
Vintage japery with Fry and Laurie. Bertie is forced to assume Gussie's identity when the latter is arrested while searching for newts in the Trafalgar Square fountains.

Introduction on Broadway

Expired 3.0 27 x
Things don't seem tickety-boo for Bertie when he learns that Aunt Agatha is coming to Manhattan. Only Jeeves can help him out of another frightful to-do in the classic comedy.