Jimmy Mcgovern's Moving On

Series 12

Series 12, Episode 5 - More Than Words

4.0 24 x
When hearing-impaired Rosie is told her deafness is getting worse, she is desperate to learn sign language, but faces opposition from husband Nathan.

Series 12, Episode 4 - Hungry to Learn

3.0 45 x
A gifted but neglected teenager’s education is jeopardised when she is made homeless.

Series 12, Episode 3 - Get Fit or Try Lying...

4.0 14 x
A retiree finds a new lease of life when his daughter gifts him a course of fitness sessions for his 65th birthday.

Series 12, Episode 2 - Secret Life

4.5 22 x
A woman struggles to come to terms with her father’s sudden death and the heartbreaking discovery that he had a secret second family.

Series 12, Episode 1 - Wedding Day

4.0 60 x
On Ben Keane's wedding day, Ben and his family are stunned when Ben's father, who they thought was dead, turns up at the church.

Series 11: 5. Home

4.5 40 x
A grieving mum befriends a young homeless man in an attempt to fill the void left by the sudden death of her son.

Series 11: 4. Redundant

4.0 88 x
A middle-aged woman is forced to fight for her job and prove her role is vital. In doing so, she reaches her own surprising conclusion.

Series 11: 3. Man of Steel

4.0 110 x
A former rugby league legend is blackmailed by his ex-wife, who threatens to reveal a big secret if he doesn’t come up with the money to help her jailbird boyfriend.

Series 11: 2. Second Sight

4.3 140 x
A blind woman’s sight is restored through an operation, but she soon questions her decision when the visual world presents more problems than the one she has left behind.

Series 11: 1. Time Out

4.0 118 x
Released on license for a crime he didn’t commit, Joe’s budding romance with Lisa is put in jeopardy when he neglects to tell her he’s been fitted with a prison tag.