Let's Get Physical

June 2019

Episode 5 Payback's a B****

4.0 0 x
It's time for the regional aerobics competition, after which the top two teams advance to the nationals. Fitness by Force and Metrix both pull off great performances, but there's a shock announcement.

Episode 6 The Double-Double Cross

4.0 0 x
Realising that he shouldn't underestimate his opponent, Barry trains his Metrix team to emulate Fitness by Force. Joe and Claudia take Joe's recently deceased car on a tow truck tour down memory lane.

Episode 3 What's in the Box?

3.0 0 x
Joe and Janet fail to secure a loan to pay their team members, but discover Colonel Tom left them a safety deposit box with a mysterious film reel inside. Could it be footage of secret aerobics moves?

Episode 4 Lycra-Virgin

3.0 3 x
Joe's terrible taste in aerobics uniforms leads his team to take a road trip to a facility where they endure an excruciating process to create their new kit. Claudia grows tired of Barry's attitude.

Episode 1 Winner's Blood

3.0 4 x
When fitness legend Colonel Tom Force dies of a heart attack, his idle son Joe is told he will only get his inheritance if he beats his old rival Barry Cross at the Competitive Aerobics Championships

Episode 2 The Dancing Criminals

3.0 2 x
Joe and his mother Janet craft a plan to win the Competitive Aerobics Championships, but Joe continues to hang around his loser bandmates. Clarence and Snacks audition for the Fitness by Force team.

Episode 8 CAC Fight!

3.0 11 x
Just as the teams are about to hit the stage at the final, Barry reveals Joe and Claudia's secret deal to the Fitness by Force squad: Claudia will own half of Joe's gym, no matter which team wins.

Episode 7 Angel Barry

3.0 10 x
On the day before the final competition, as the teams prepare for the evening gala, Joe takes things too far in his attempts to shed some weight and is forced to confront certain aspects of his life
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