Monkman & Seagull’S Genius Adventures

June 2020

Series 1: Episode 3

3.0 4 x
University Challenge legends Eric Monkman and Bobby Seagull visit the birthplaces of their favourite inventions. They retrace the footsteps of Charles Darwin at London Zoo in 1859.
May 2020

Series 1: Episode 2

3.0 6 x
Monkman and Seagull's genius adventure continues through the first half of the 19th century, as the duo seek out the birthplaces of the inventions that fuelled Britain’s industrial infrastructure.

Series 1: Episode 1

3.0 13 x
Eric Monkman and Bobby Seagull travel around Britain, exploring scientific breakthroughs from the Industrial Revolution and the Victorian era. In Greenwich, the duo look at the marine chronometer.
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