Nazi Collaborators


Hitler's Killing Police

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Shocking accounts of Nazi collusion. The Schutzmannschaft were the collaborationist auxiliary police forces of Nazi-occupied countries in Eastern Europe.

The Good Collaborators?

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Shocking accounts of Nazi collusion. Respected mathematician Rolf Nevanlinna led the Finnish SS against Stalin's Russia.

The Greek Collaborator

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Shocking accounts of Nazi collusion. Staunch anti-Communist Ioannis Rallis ran a Greek puppet government which was subordinate to Nazi occupiers.

The Dutch Collaborator

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Shocking tales of Nazi collusion. Anton Mussert was one of the founders of the National Socialist Movement in the Netherlands and worked with the Gestapo.

September 25, 2015

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Prominent collaborators Helmut Schmidt, Horst Geitner, Werner Goldberg and Helmut Wilberg all had a common trait - Jewish ancestry. What drove these individuals to aid the Nazis?
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