New Amsterdam

November 2019

Episode 8 Three Dots

3.0 3 x
Max gets overly invested in a patient's cancer treatment as his own comes to a crossroads. Reynolds celebrates his birthday with help from the hospital. Kapoor tackles a case that hits close to home.

Episode 7 Domino Effect

3.0 0 x
Max struggles to prioritise his own health when a complicated domino transplant procedure threatens to go awry. Bloom re-evaluates her personal life. Frome makes progress on a long-standing case.
October 2019

Episode 6 Anthropocene

3.0 1 x
Max is pressured by a fundraising gala at the hospital. Frome must break tough news to his daughter. Bloom and Reynolds face fallout from their argument. Kapoor and Sharpe treat a sick father and son.

Episode 5 Cavitation

4.0 3 x
A visiting journalist picks at the hospital's flaws while shadowing Max. Bloom and Reynolds have a major disagreement after Bloom makes a call against protocol. Kapoor confronts issues from his past.

Episode 4 Boundaries

Expired 4.0 2 x
Max volunteers New Amsterdam to take some of the workload of a short-staffed neighbouring hospital. Frome has a crisis of conscience about a hospital garden. A resident learns a secret about Bloom.

Episode 3 Every Last Minute

Expired 4.0 1 x
Bloom treats a Rikers inmate who is in a difficult position. Max shows a wealthy donor around the hospital. Reynolds begins to build his department. Sharpe battles scepticism from potential patients.

Episode 2 Rituals

Expired 3.0 3 x
Max avoids coming to terms with his diagnosis. Frome and Kapoor make a legal challenge over a young boy's extensive psychiatric medication.
September 2019

Episode 1 Pilot

Expired 4.0 5 x
Medical director Dr Max Goodwin must prove he'll stop at nothing to breathe new life into his understaffed, underfunded and underappreciated hospital while tackling his own personal and health issues
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