Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners


Kris & Edwina and Fiona & Jenny and Paul

3.0 1 x
First is 34-year-old medical scientist Kris who spends over 22 hours a week keeping his three bed in Wakefield germ free. The second is OCD diagnosed 41-year-old beauty therapist Fiona from Bedford.

Carly & Nesta and Rob & Soo

3.0 0 x
Zoo keeper Nesta gets help with from super-clean Carly at her over-run Staffordshire house. And college lecturer Rob visits charity shop fan Soo.

Amanda & Janine and Mark & Avril

3.0 1 x
Essex business manager Amanda helps Janine, who is a bit of a hoarder, and industrial cleaner Mark, from Leicester, meets unemployed bargain hunter Avril in Chiswick, London

Dann & Charlotte & Dom and Angela & Lorraine

3.0 1 x
The first cleaning volunteer is 23-year-old council worker Dann, from Nottingham, who helps out Charlotte and Dom, from Portsmouth, who haven't cleaned their flat in a year

Claire & Sue & Roger and Lynne & Mark & Karl

3.0 1 x
Claire from Burnley meets Sue and Roger in Hertfordshire who are swamped by clutter. And old school cleaner Lynne visits bachelor boys Mark and Karl.
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