Our Wildest Dreams

May 2018

Episode 4 Portugal

Expired 4.3 177 x
Lynn and Richard and their two young daughters quit the UK, and life as a 'food-bank family', as they head for a remote part of central Portugal to be self-sufficient and live off-grid

Episode 3 Bali

Expired 3.0 74 x
Deborah, Daniel and their kids leave Scotland for a new home in Bali, Indonesia. Their dream is to live without money. But they experience hardships they had not imagined possible.

Episode 2 Zambia

Expired 4.0 75 x
Lyndon and his pregnant wife Ruth take a gamble of a lifetime, quitting the UK and ploughing their savings into a safari lodge in the Zambian outback. What could possibly go wrong?
April 2018

Episode 1 Ecuador

Expired 3.0 64 x
Ex-businesswoman Mari leaves her home in Greenwich, London for a new life in Ecuador, and a distant, isolated corner of the Amazon