October 2016

13. Pony

3.0 13 x
Sophie has her first riding lesson on her friend's pony.

12. Guinea Pigs

3.0 10 x
Alex has two guinea pigs named Archie and Mac.

11. Puppy

3.0 7 x
Olivia and Emily have a new pet puppy called Maisy.

10. Pigs

3.0 7 x
Meet Snout and Crackling, Teresa's two pet pigs.

9. Kittens

3.0 9 x
Grace and Orla have two kittens named Max and Cocoa.

8. Goats

3.0 15 x
Meet Sunny and his two baby goats Boycie and Marlene.

7. Hamsters

3.0 22 x
Meet Sonny, his sister Cassidy and their three pet hamsters.

6. Turtles

3.0 9 x
Sasha and her sister Jen have two pet turtles.

5. Gecko

3.0 13 x
Isabelle and Aiden build a playhouse for their pet geckos.

4. Fish

3.0 17 x
Tom and Florence go to the pet shop to buy some new fish.
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