Prank Patrol Down Under

December 2012

26. Best Of

3.0 45 x
Looking back at the best pranks from this series.
November 2012

25. Eyes in the Sky

3.0 39 x
Blake gets to take his best friend Jesse up in a helicopter to call the traffic report.

24. Gallery Goof

3.0 49 x
Amy's mission is to prank her best friend who is also named Amy.

23. Un-Bearable Trouble

3.0 50 x
Josh enlists the help of Scotty to set up his mate James as a 'bear-faced' thief.

22. Accidental Agent

3.0 101 x
Josh's friend Akina thinks that they have accidentally tapped into a top secret website.

20. Fashion Fiasco

3.0 70 x
Prankster Katie tells her best friend Jess that she has a crush on a guy called Aran.
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