Prison catch up

March 2020

Series 2 Episode 3

4.1 170 x
A moving look at the emotionally charged difficulties of being a mum in prison. At Foston Hall, Kelly seeks to renew contact with her boys while Lexi has tough questions to answer. (S2 Ep3)
February 2020

Series 2 Episode 2

4.0 95 x
Over half the 300 women in Foston Hall prison are suffering the effects of long-term emotional, physical or sexual abuse. A remarkable new prisoner-led therapy group seeks to help. (S2 Ep2)

Series 2 Episode 1

4.3 164 x
A rare and fascinating insight into life behind bars. At HMP Foston Hall, a women's prison, there are moments of warmth, humour and romance, but also bullying, drugs and smuggling. (S2 Ep1)
January 2019

Episode 3

Expired 4.0 248 x
This episode focuses on what it takes to break the vicious cycle of violence between prisoners and against staff
July 2018

Episode 2

4.6 566 x
This episode examines mental health at HMP Durham, where up to 600 prisoners are thought to suffer from mental health problems

Episode 1

Expired 4.3 1,100 x
This episode examines the epidemic of the 'zombie drug' spice at HMP Durham