Redakai - Conquer the Kairu

July 2013

Episode 52: End of the Shadow (Part 2)

3.0 36 x
While Ky searches for an antidote to shadow Kairu, Maya and Boomer find themselves in another cube tournament.

Episode 51: End of the Shadow (Part 1)

3.0 43 x
Ky leaves the team to look for an antidote to Shadow Kairu, Akaon also joins him in his quest.

Episode 50: Spreading of the Shadow

3.0 28 x
When our heroes discover that pure Kairu is actually changing into shadow Kairu, they conclude that Lokar is to blame. Ky sets out to find a remedy.

Episode 49: Battle of the Hiverax

3.0 23 x
Join Ky and his friends Maya and Boomer in an adventure, where they search for the Kairu. Team Stax cure an injured Hexus, who is suspicously friendly.

Episode 48: Elimination Island

3.0 24 x
Team Hiverax appear on the island that Team Stax visited before. The Hiverax plan to lure Team Stax and Team Radikor to the island so they can eliminate them.

Episode 47: The Power of the Imperiaz

3.0 32 x
Team Imperiaz, in an effort to become all powerful and escape Lokar once and for all, make a bold decision to steal Baoddai's Kairu stash.

Episode 45: Mookee's Mission

3.0 31 x
Join Ky and his friends Maya and Boomer in an adventure, where they search for the Kairu. Team Hiverax tricks Mookee into doing their dirty work for them.

Episode 44: When Dark Roots Take Hold

3.0 20 x
When Maya begins to question her connection to shadow Kairu, she seeks out the one person who can provide her with answers: Lokar.

Episode 43: Plot of the Imperiaz

3.0 33 x
After losing out on a Kairu challenge to Team Stax and angering Lokar, Princess Diara sets a fiendish trap for the young apprentices.

Episode 42: Kairu Feud

3.0 28 x
When shadow Kairu causes villagers to battle one another, it's up to Team Stax to rid the area of the conflict-causing Kairu.
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