Series 2

Series 2, Episode 21 - Series 2 Episode 21

3.0 3 x
Brand new series - Clueless: Lainey struggles balancing her friendship with CB and her relationship with Barry, while Coach Mellor and Julie find it tough being parents. (S2 Ep21)

Series 2, Episode 20 - Series 2 Episode 20

4.0 3 x
Brand new series - CB Saves the Planet: CB has a crush on environmental consultant Paloma, who was brought in to manage the school's Earth Day activities. (S2 Ep20)

Series 2, Episode 19 - Series 2 Episode 19

3.0 7 x
Brand new series - Principle for a Day: Glascott makes CB substitute principal after his surgery, but he needs Lainey to fix a problem that he can't resolve. (S2 Ep19)

Series 2, Episode 18 - Series 2 Episode 18

4.0 5 x
Brand new series - Lainey's Mom: Coach Mellor encourages Lainey to reunite with her mother. And Wilma makes a new addition to the robotics club after watching Good Will Hunting. (S2 Ep18)

Series 2, Episode 17 - Series 2 Episode 17

4.0 7 x
Brand new series - Garden Party: Principal Glascott green lights former Principal Ball's parking spot to be changed into a community garden. (S2 Ep17)

Series 2, Episode 15 - Series 2 Episode 15

4.0 11 x
Brand new series - Moving On: Wilma and coach Mellor try to help CB move on from Lainey. And Lainey learns that she has unresolved issues from her past. (S2 Ep15)

Series 2 Episode 13

4.0 2 x
Titanic Love: Principal Glascott uses the season's bad football team to teach coach Mellor how to be both a good winner and a good loser. (S2 Ep13)

Series 2 Episode 12

3.0 2 x
FeMellor: Principal Glascott and Lainey disagree about dress code. Coach Mellor struggles with his relationship with Julie because she doesn't enjoy sports. (S2 Ep12)

Series 2 Episode 11

3.0 1 x
Boy Bands: Wilma encourages Ronnie to pursue his dream of being in a boy band but goes too far when a music video gets out for all of William Penn to see. (S2 Ep11)

Series 2 Episode 10

3.0 3 x
Beanie Babies: CB hopes getting Lainey a Beanie Baby for Christmas will show his true feelings for her, but it doesn't go as planned. (S2 Ep10)