Science Fiction


8. Is it True that We Only Use 10 per cent of Our Brains?

3.0 27 x
Fiona from Athlonea asks 'is it true that we only use 10 per cent of our brains?'.

3. Are Waves Caused by Monsters in the Sea?

3.0 13 x
Miley from Killiney asks if waves are caused by monsters in the sea.

2. Can You Cure a Jellyfish Sting by Peeing On It?

3.0 32 x
Anna from Buncrana asks if you can cure a jellyfish sting by peeing on it.

1. Is Snot a Sign That Your Brain is Melting?

3.0 22 x
Dennis from Ennis asks if snot is a sign that your brain is melting.

3. If I Yodeled in the Alps Would It Start an Avalanche?

3.0 23 x
Rory from Gorey asks 'if I yodelled in the Alps would it start an avalanche?'.

9. Where Exactly is the Internet?

3.0 15 x
Eden from Kilmeaden asks 'where exactly is the internet? Is it up in the sky?'.

7. Is it True that Elephants Never Forget?

3.0 16 x
Sheila from Inchigeela asks, 'is it true that an elephant never forgets?'.

6. Is the Moon Made of Cheese?

3.0 28 x
Dr Sorcha Knowles and Professor Mike McCork answer questions.

5. Will Singing To My Plants Help Them Grow?

3.0 26 x
Simon from Ennistymon asks 'will singing to my plants help them grow?'.

4. Does the Colour Red Really Make a Bull Angry?

3.0 22 x
Jean from Skibbereen asks 'does the colour red really make a bull angry?'.