Secret Eaters

July 2015

Allan and Emma

3.0 84 x
Allan and Emma have been together for four years. Their widening waistlines are a mystery they're determined to solve. Can the surveillance cameras help?

Michael and Katie

3.0 43 x
24-year-old Michael and 22-year-old Katie started dating as teenagers but not only have they grown up together - they've also grown outwards, putting on over eight stone between them in four years

Glyn, Louise and Sue

3.0 34 x
Factory night-shift manager Glyn has battled with his weight for over 10 years. His wife Louise is a chef and believes she and Glyn eat healthily.

Lorraine and Cori

3.0 35 x
Mother and daughter Lorraine and Cori are a desperate dieting duo from south London, whose hefty weight gain is a total mystery to them

Sharon and Tracy

3.0 18 x
Birmingham sisters Sharon and Tracy are piling on the pounds and want the surveillance cameras to help them stop. And if we take our time to consume our food are we less likely to overeat?

Kelli and Tracey

3.0 13 x
Kelli and Tracey are brides to be who are baffled by how they've managed to put on four stone between them since they met, so the girls have cameras rigged inside their home to monitor what they eat

Helena and Murray

3.0 20 x
Helena and Murray have been happily married for 22 years, but their weight gain is giving them a lot more to have and hold onto than they would choose ideally

Faye and Laura

3.0 24 x
Workmates and lifelong friends Faye and Laura are baffled by their weight gain. They've been working overtime in the gym with little success, and agree to be put under 24-hour-camera surveillance.

Precious and Florence

3.0 28 x
Sisters Precious and Florence, from Sidcup, are the latest pair to come under the show's spotlight with their eating habits held up for scrutiny. Why are they both putting on weight?

Emma and Paul

3.0 22 x
Married couple Emma and Paul from Warrington are in the spotlight. Since being together they've piled on a massive seven stone between them, yet are still under the impression they eat healthily.
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