Sun, Sea And Brides To Be


Episode 18

3.0 6 x
As temperatures soar, a bride risks overheating. One couple faces a last-minute beach venue dilemma, and can planner Vicki track down a forgotten picture tribute in time?

Episode 17

3.0 8 x
A mass helium balloon release causes headaches. Planner Angela sets out to renovate a venue. Can planner Kerry dodge a thunderstorm to deliver one couple's dream wedding?

Episode 16

4.5 6 x
There are high stakes for one groom as he aims to paraglide his way to get hitched. A bride faces a last-minute dress disaster and an unusual shipwreck venue poses a challenge.

Episode 15

Expired 4.0 11 x
A fussy meat-eating bride leads to menu worries at one wedding. A groom plans a surprise horse-ride, and can planner Kerry sell a new wedding venue to her picky boss?

Episode 14

Expired 3.0 13 x
An unusual macaron cake causes concerns at one wedding, a bride with Crohn's disease battles to tie the knot, and can Sharron keep a wedding packed with surprises top secret?

Episode 13

Expired 4.0 13 x
A mum and a bride-to-be are at loggerheads over a wedding venue, and there are flower problems at another ceremony

Episode 12

Expired 3.0 12 x
A missing veil is a challenge for wedding planner Jo. A budget bride aims to tie the knot for £2000 but is her discount dress up to the job?

Episode 11

Expired 4.0 17 x
A barefoot wedding threatens to leave one bride and groom hot and bothered. Angela has a precious portrait to protect at a windy wedding. Will a golf buggy spell disaster for a bride's wedding hair?

Episode 10

Expired 4.0 15 x
Torrential rain hits one couple's big day. A horse and carriage cause wobbles at another wedding. Wedding planner Sharron inspects a renovated yacht - is it good enough for nuptials?

Episode 9

Expired 4.0 32 x
Great expectations as a father of the bride puts planner Angela to the test, and tourists threaten to disrupt a wedding at an ancient venue in Paphos. Can planner Jo keep them at bay?
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