The Dark Ages: An Age of Light


The Men of the North

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Waldemar Januszczak debunks the prevailing wisdom about the Dark Ages, showcasing the amazing art and craft of the Carolingians, Vikings, Irish and Anglo-Saxons.

The Wonder of Islam

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Waldemar Januszczak hails the underrated art of the Dark Ages. The emergence of Islam brought with it a unique artistic style in the form of shrines and mosques.

What the Barbarians Did For Us

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Waldemar Januszczak challenges our preconceptions about the Dark Ages, lauding the incredible art produced by the 'barbaric' Huns, Vandals and Goths.

The Clash of the Gods

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A bold reappraisal of the Dark Ages as a period of progress. Waldemar Januszczak reveals how Christian artists developed new architectural forms to depict God.